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Technical Audit Services


Visol Technologies, can provide Technical audit and consulting services to our clientel. The goal of our Technical Audit services is to provide consulting services on the:


Disaster Recovery Plan (DR)

IT Infrastructure Consultancy

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Technical Audit Services for IT and Telecommunication Systems (TAS)


A Company of Innovations, Reliability and Creativity
Our conviction in our resources, practice and insight make us set off for the innovations and reliability realizing the growth and potential in the IT market and keeping in mind what can best suit our clients and deliver the real business results and how to provide them greater protection and more satisfaction.

A Growing Company with a Great Future
Our wide array of client base from the diversified sectors is our biggest intensity and the evidence of our enlargement. Growth and change are coming at a rapid pace for the company. We donít just meet our clientís expectations, we build long term relationships.

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