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Interoperability Systems and Services (IS&S)


Visol Technologies Interoperability Systems and Services (IS&S) is an easy-to-use, scalable, comprehensive solution for communications interoperability for providing an effective communication systems for Medium and Large scale enterprises. It facilitates coordinated, incident management response for emergencies and day-to-day operations across multiple agencies, jurisdictions, departments and corporation.


By creating an IP network for our customers, Visol Technologies will enable cost effectiveness to an organization by exchanging information over multiple LAN and WAN environments. Visol Technologies IS&S allows push-to-talk communications on IP networks, TDM and PSTN networks, laptop and PC clients, telephones, and mobile phones, improving response times and resource collaboration.


The Visol Technologies IS&S systems integrates server, routing, and IP communications elements to provide on-demand incident communications across multiple organization/agencies and new levels of interoperability and operational efficiencies for public/private communication, public safety agency and support personnel.


Business Benefits


  • Increase flexibility, cut costs, simplify processes
  • Securely extend communications interoperability
  • Improve incident notification and messaging
  • Improve first-responder communications simply and quickly, without a communications systems upgrade.
  • Augment IP communications for faster access to data, better communications control, and efficient incident resolution.


For more details on creating a customize IS&S Systems for your organization, kindly contact us.





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