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Database Design


Visol Technologies offers design, development and consultancy services for Oracle Relational Database Management Software. We provide comprehensive solutions that help clients realize the benefits of using a well developed RDBMS. Apart from design and planning, our firm also offers extensive backup and disaster recovery services.

Real Application Cluster (RAC) Deployment

Visol Technologies consultants can employ Oracle 10g’s High Availability API, Real Application Clusters (RAC), Clusterware, and Enterprise Manager to provide Oracle’s highest level of availability. Oracle Clusterware is used to monitor, relocate, and restart your applications. Oracle RAC provides very high availability for applications by removing the single point of failure with a single server. If a node in the cluster fails, the Oracle Database continues running on the remaining nodes. Individual nodes can be shutdown for maintenance while application users continue to work.

Data Guard Deployment

A powerful and flexible database availability technology that is designed to protect your critical data from user errors and corruption whilst providing a disaster recovery and highly available database solution. Our Data Guard Deployment engagement is designed to take you through the technical considerations of your Data Guard implementation to deliver the correct solution that addresses your data protection and availability requirements.

Grid Computing

 Visol Technologies can employ RAC 10g to provide the foundation for enterprise grid computing. Enterprise Grids are built from standardized storage, and network components. Nodes, storage, CPUs, and memory can be dynamically set while the system remains online.

Database Performance Tuning

 Visol Technologies can improve the performance of your database by using the Oracle Database 10g automatic tuning features or manual tuning methods using the Statspack reports. USIT consultants will use the best tuning methodology appropriate to the available tools, database advisors, and the Automatic Workload Repository to diagnose and tune your database. We will use Enterprise Manager’s performance-related pages to monitor the results and eliminate operating system issues and resolve common performance issues related to the buffer cache, redo chains, redo log files and buffers, and table fragmentation.

Database Administration

Are available to customers to support or extend a new or existing DBA function. The services can include but are not limited to

§         Basic administration and maintenance

§         Daily support to augment existing DBA skills

§         Database Server installations and patching

§         Database creation and migration

§         Database cloning

§         DBA skills transfer and mentoring

§         Additional resources for peak period processing such as month end

§         Onsite/On call support for application or database upgrades

§         Oracle infrastructure design and testing including RMAN, ASM, GC, OID, RAC and Data Guard

§         Stress Testing and Proof of concepts







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